Why use RelocateMe to let your property?

Our business is built on your expectations and success. That’s why more people every day are choosing relocate-me to sell their property.
Rate Match
We would like our landlords to get the most from their homes! We provide the lowest rates to landlords letting or selling their property and we will match any rate lower than our own.
Accurate Valuation
We consistently achieve the asking price across all our clients’ properties. Giving our clients a realistic quote helps them better understand and deal with their finances. Our expert valuers carry out hundreds of valuations giving us intimate and unparalleled knowledge of the property market in your area.
Property Management
After finding you a tenant we look after them and you throughout the tenancy. That includes everything from collecting rent and handling all administration, to assistance with more complex issues.
The Right Tenant
We have hundreds of high calibre private and corporate tenants listed at any one time, most looking to move within a few days. Our team works with some of the world’s most admired corporations, who trust us to find homes for their key personnel. They can instantly access every property as soon as it is registered with us.
We understand that presenting your property well is key to achieving results you are looking for. Our in-house team of specialist Photographers process every new property and have it on the website within days.
Highly Concentrated Marketing
Regardless of price, we are dedicated to presenting every single property at its very best, A lot of money goes into marketing our clients’ properties using a wide range of media, including: Montreal press Key property titles Internet (MLS)

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